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The National Field Archery Association's Podcast

Oct 26, 2018

 This and all of the episodes of the “30 days of Rut series” is brought to you by the National Field Archery Association, the largest target archery organization in the industry with it’s foundation built by and for bowhunters.  With benefits included in your membership like hunting liability insurance, the largest network of shooting clubs and ranges, and it’s wide array of tournament formats available on local, state, regional, and national levels...membership to the NFAA is one organization where you’ll not only meet other like minded bowhunters, but it’s an incredible resource for building your archery specific skills!  Log on to and become a member today!

I have 3 platforms I run, the old school Loc-on Brand Windwalker, the Lone Wolf Assault 2, and the M7 Microlite from Millenium.  All of these stands have served me well but for the most part on my run and gun late October hunts, I run the WindWalker.  When I hit the first of November I'm running the Alpha 2, because I like having the addition of a seat, which is removed in my WindWalker.

For my climbing system I usually use two or three of the lone wolf climbing sticks with an added foot strap for additional height, and screw in steps where legal.  

Good luck out there everyone and hunt safe!